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What is Mach 3 Golf Speed Training?

The Mach 3 Golf Speed Training Program is a year-round speed training protocol that has produced average clubhead speed gains of 11.5 mph for golfers of all ages and abilities. Mach 3 contains both indoor and outdoor modules and can be used with a single golfer or with a large class. The training tools are unique. Mach 3 requires no exercise machines and is adaptable to any age group. At Mach 3 creator Michael Romatowski’s home base in San Antonio, Texas, the largest age group population in the program is golfers between the ages of 50 and 69. On the whole, his program embraces golfers aged 8 to 72.

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Participants will…

  • Learn and understand Mach 3’s key concept of “Speed Out in Front”
  • Discover why using dynamic, oscillating, variable resistance is the best way to train for speed
  • Find out why golfers of all ages can use the same workout protocol to gain clubhead speed
  • Make the connection between “fatigue management” and optimal results
  • Follow Mach 3 protocols throughout the year to enhance their golf
  • performance Characteristics of a Mach 3 program…
  • Promotes equal participation of men, women, and children
  • Is applicable to golfers of all ages and playing abilities
  • Is based on workouts that are fun, non-exhausting, safe, and athletic in nature
  • Can be held indoors or outdoors
  • Gives golfers a way to train for golf without “bulking up” and using natural golf body motions

A typical Mach 3 class runs 45 minutes and includes:

  • A 10minute warmup
  • 20-25 minutes of Circuit and/or Round Robin training
  • 10 minutes of stretching, mobility work, and medicine ball training
  • Gives each participant the opportunity to hit 5-15 measured balls (if hitting areas are available)

Question: How often should I train?

That is an easy question to answer, because we researched it. After one year of our Mach 3 program, we analyzed our numbers and studied our results in relation to training frequency. There was a linear relationship between training frequency and gains in clubhead speed.

It looked like this: Workouts Frequency Average Gain in Clubhead Speed

14 mph GAIN
09 mph GAIN
06 mph GAIN
04 mph GAIN


As you can see, the sweet spot is three training sessions per week. By the way, 14 mph is roughly equivalent to 35 yards of carry distance on a well-struck shot with a driver. Think of the difference that could make in your game! Imagine being able to pick up each of your current drives and walk them forward 35 yards before having to hit your next shot. What kind of difference would that make in your score? We know that many people cannot make room in their schedules for three workouts per week. If you’re serious about clubhead speed, however, you’ll try to come as close to that as possible. Even the 9 mph our clients have averaged on a twice-per-week protocol is worth about 22 yards of carry on a well-struck drive. Do everything in your power to perform at least two speed training workouts per week. You’ll love the results!