Custom Golf Club Fittings

The Right Clubs Will Truly Make a Difference

Did you know close to 90% of U.S. golfers are playing with equipment that is wrong for their game? And 92% of golfers that were custom fit with launch monitor technology saw immediate improvement, with 80% hitting the ball more accurately, consistently and farther? WOW

3 Step Process to Getting


Get Measured Using Launch Monitor

We use both Trackman & Foresight


Test Club

We will assemble different heads and shafts until we determine the correct combination for your swing Data


Club Selection

Once you have selected the clubs that are right for you, we'll order them directly from the manufacturer where they will be custom built to your exact fitting specifications, including shaft length and flex, lie angle, and even grip type and size. The best part - your custom clubs from the OEMs don't cost any more than the clubs you would buy straight off the rack!

Our Golf Club Fitting Services

Driver Fitting

Finding the right driver is one of the most important, yet difficult equipment decisions a player can make. A Driver Fitting focuses specifically on a player's launch angle, spin rate and dispersion while optimizing those variables based on the player's ability to hit the center of the club face. The ultimate goal of this fitting is to find the right combination of driver head and shaft that will deliver the best overall distance and accuracy for that player.

Iron Fitting

As with the driver, selecting and fitting irons requires collecting data on ball speed, launch angles and spin rates for a host of different irons. After our ball flight monitors collect this data, your club-fitter will help you determine which irons perform best for you and determine their specifications. These "specs" are then forwarded to the appropriate manufacturer for construction.

Wedge Fitting

Properly fitting a wedge takes many factors into consideration: turn conditions, type of shots, desired yardage gapping and golf-swing tendencies.

Long Game Fitting

Fairway woods and hybrids in this fitting that fill increase your distance, get your spin rate and trajectory where it needs to be, and help you keep the ball in play.

Sam Putt Lab Putter Fitting

Most players are not aware of the dynamics of putters. Adjustment of loft, lie, & length can greatly enhance consistency. Use of cameras, lasers, and visual observations will allow the clubfitter to determine what adjustments will have the best results.
Player Benefit: A putter that is custom fitted for weight, length, lie and loft, will consistently roll the ball straighter and with less tendency to skid or bounce off the intended line.

Driver Shaft Fitting

Have a driver head you really like but don't know if your fit for the correct shaft ? We will fit you for the correct Swing Tempo, Release, Trajectory, Direction, Distance Control , and Price. The correct shaft can make all the difference. We can fit all major brand heads for driver shafts. Come find out your best shaft fit and increase distance and accuracy!