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NextGen Golf Club – The EXCLUSIVE Headquarters for RoboGolfPro® Swing Trainer in the state of Wisconsin.

Introductory Lesson (60-75 minutes) – $200 $99

Standard Golf Lesson (45-60 minutes) - $99.99

Want a lesson without the RoboGolfPro ? No problem we offer those also. This will be a one hour golf lesson with our Director of Instruction Matt Wood

Note: Lessons after the introductory lessons will be 45-60 min.


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How It Works

1. Use your smart phone and snap a short video of your swing from behind and face one ( we recommend downloading the V1 Golf App and using that)

2. Preview your swing, condense it down as small as you can make it and when you're ready. submit your videos for analysis.

3. within 48 hours you will receive a personalized video highlighting swing faults and drills and feedback to work on at home to improve your swing.


$25 Per Lesson

RoboGolfPro® Lesson Packages

Buy 3 Lessons

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Now $399
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Buy 5 Lessons

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Buy 7 Lessons

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RoboGolfPro Reps

Unlimited Monthly RoboGolfPro Reps

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This allows our Robo Golfers an opportunity to work on their "Already" programmed perfect swing. We call them Robot Reps. We will set you up on the RoboGolfPro and you can swing for 30 min to 1 hour building muscle memory. Normally can get 100-200 reps during a 1 hour timeframe. NextGen Golf believes you need proper muscle memory to change the golf swing. This package allows you to come in during available times and use the RoboGolfPro to do "Robot Reps" During any available time. CALL AHEAD TO CONFIRM YOUR TIMES.

Junior Lesson Packages

Junior Golf Lesson

Now $90
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Buy 3 Junior Lessons

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Now $340
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Buy 5 Junior lessons

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Now $480
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Trackman Data Lesson


Trackman Data Lesson Price – $79.99

The "TrackMan Data Lesson" is a 1-2 hour endeavor into the world of high - tech golf which will give you access to data available only through the latest in Launch Monitor technology. All your shots will be tracked via radar (indoors) so you can learn all about your ball flight tendencies such as....SMASH FACTOR SPIN RATE LAUNCH ANGLE CARRY DISTANCE BALL SPEED And you'll learn why your shots fly the way they do with golf club data including.....CLUB SPEED DYNAMIC LOFT ATTACK ANGLE CLUB PATH FACE ANGLE This is a really fun, eye opening valuable lesson that can completely change the way you understand how your golf swing works. Anyone who is serious about their game should take this lesson and challenge!


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Sam Putt Lab Intruction

Sam Putt Lab Intruction - $79.99

The SAM PuttLab is an analysis tool and training system based on accurate ultrasound measurements. It analyzes the 28 most important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the result in east-to-understand graphics. Within second, the system gives you and individual feedback of your stroke. The analysis reveals even the smallest details of your movements and allows you to develop improvements and training strategies based on the given results.

Our certified instructors, use the SAM PuttLab within a lesson setting to provide a complete diagnostic of your putting stroke and will use this information to help give you drills you can work on in order to improve this aspect of your game. This report will be emailed to you for your review at the end of your lesson.


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