You're covered, even in the rare instance one of our competitors is priced lower than we are. We only have 2 requirements for you to be approved of a Price Match:

1. The retailer with the product at a lower price must be an authorized retailer. This means, the manufacturer of the desired product must recognize that retailer and authorize them to sell their product. Most manufacturers have a list of authorized retailers on their own websites; because of the growing golf counterfeit market, the manufacturers are looking out for you too! If they aren't authorized, we're sorry, but we can't match their price. Check out a few here: Callaway, TaylorMade,Titleist, Mizuno, Ping.

2. If the retailer is authorized, they must have the exact same product in-stock. Club or clubs: same model, dexterity, loft, flex, color, etc...If your find matches #1 and #2, you may qualify for a price match.

Don't spend too long price-shopping. We don't like saying, "we told you so," but we challenge you none-the-less.